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Graphic design skills alone aren’t enough to succeed at this career. “All the talent in the world won’t help you build your career if you don’t have a certain amount of business savvy,” says Bashiru Abubakar founder of Bolac Technologies

That’s why we’ve spoken with graphic designers learn about the business skills they use on the job. With their “been there, done that” graphic design business advice, you’ll have a better understanding of how to prepare yourself for work in this creative career.

10 Business Skills For Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a service, so it’s important to recognize that the design work you do is ‘in service’ to the client,” Bashiru Abubakar says. “It’s also important that client see you as a partner and that you work together to create design solutions that you’re both happy with.

If you want to develop a professional relationship with your clients, you need some business acumen to go along with your creative talents. These skills will help you get started.

1. Professional communication

Graphic designers are pros at delivering a message through their work, but they also need to be pros at more traditional communication, like sending emails, making phone calls and delivering presentations. “Always be timely, clear and diplomatic with your communications,” Morris advises. “Communication with clients is fundamental to building trust.”

Every designer needs to be comfortable explaining their ideas to clients and expressing why a particular design will or won’t work for their goals. Designers who work in-house or at an agency will also be regularly communicating with others on their teams or in other departments.

Active listening

The other side of the effective communication coin is active listening. This ability to understand what another person is trying to say, even if they’re having trouble communicating their ideas, is invaluable to graphic designers. Clients who aren’t part of the design world may not have the right vocabulary to express what they’re looking for, so it’s your job to practice active listening to get to the bottom of their design goals.

Start improving your active listening skills by asking clarifying questions and watching for nonverbal communication that silently speaks volumes. “By asking open-ended questions, you put yourself in a position to understand the intricacies of the problem,” says Bashiru Abubakar, founder of Bolac technologies  .“Active listening gives you the ability to synthesize what the speaker is saying and effectively understand the problem.”


Nothing says “creative” like the disciplined adherence to a budgeting spreadsheet! All snark aside, budgeting ability is a fundamental skill for creatives—particularly those who plan on doing freelance work. All graphic designers should have a baseline idea of how to keep a project on budget so they can respect their clients’ financial limitations. That budgeting ability becomes even more important for designers who work as freelancers.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills may not strike you as something that’s needed in this creative career field, but if you think of negotiation as another word for “compromise,” it makes a lot more sense. For example, freelance graphic designers will regularly use negotiation skills to ensure they’re earning enough money for the value they deliver to their clients.

Money isn’t the only thing that needs to be negotiated! Graphic designers often find themselves needing to compromise with a client on design elements or the timeline of a project. Having strong negotiation skills at the ready means you’ll be prepared to deliver the best service possible in a way that’s fair to both parties.

Time management

It’s easy to get lost in the creative process as a graphic designer. In reality, however, you have to make sure you’re meeting deadlines so that your team and clients aren’t left with a project that’s running behind.


Without clients, graphic designers have no one to create projects for! Marketing is the skill that helps you draw in and win over new clients, whether as a freelancer or as an in-house designer.

Knowing the basics of marketing best practices will also come in handy on your design projects themselves. Many designers are hired to work on marketing-specific projects, such as website landing pages or business cards. Having a baseline of marketing skills under your belt will improve the work you deliver to clients.

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