Muslim Marital Discord


Muslim Marital Discord is a forum for singles, married , divorced, widows and those having challenges in their homes to share experiences towards building marital values and stemming the rate of divorce and marital discord.


▪️Building a large online community of Muslim

– Share your views and learn from the experiences of others on marriage and other beneficial topics.
-Create a post , like a post, share the post or the answers through your social media handles.

▪️ Privacy & Mail Setting
– No name is required for sign-up
– You can create a post in an Anonymous mode.
– Hide your email or make it public

▪️Create a Poll- know the opinions of other members on burning issues and get results of votes

▪️ Advertise your product

-Your signature allows you to add images and videos of your products, advertise your goods and add links directing members to to your website or social media handles. All for free.

▪️ Create a Group
and invite other members to join your group for discussions

▪️Join Empowerment Groups

-Admin from time to time can create a special group for empowerment of specific category of existing members.

▪️ Stick/Bump your -Post or Questions with points on the home page.

▪️Multi-level Badges
– When you register as a ‘Newbie’ you can get a new badge when you help others with comments and answers.

▪️Meet A Scholar
– Scholar(s) attend to family issues by providing support through counselling and based on Qur’an and Sunnah.

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