“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that”. Bashiru Abubakar

 Why Web Development Is important  

We all knows how important is it for a brand to have a digital presence. The international ways of marketing have become obsolete and new platforms have take over.

Business without an online presence is like a party in an abandoned island where you expect a neighborhood to attend or pay a visit.

Bashiru Abubakar says your website is your window to the world so its role and significance is important to your business success. In simple terms, web development refers to the building, creating and maintaining of websites.

The power of first impressions

Good web design, together with intuitive user experience (UX), impacts how your audience perceives your brand and has the power to help convert sales by making your users’ journey as intuitive and streamline as possible. At Black Wolf, we do this through continuous testing and tracking.

Once leads are drawn in by good design and great UX, you have a better chance of showcasing your company’s brand, as well as successfully sell or inform your audience. A clean, easy to use and well thought out website builds trust, helps with SEO, and sets a good impression for customer service.

Website that drives results

Bolac Technologies  applies User Testing and AB testing to track and analyze your customers at digital touch-points, such as  websites, smartphones, tablets and mobile, making sure to enhance and adjust where necessary. We integrate multichannel strategies to optimise traffic to your site.

The Result

Functional web development gives you the ability to accurately analyse website statistics. It includes measuring conversion rates and assessing visitor engagement, all of which are essential to improve all your online marketing activities. The goal is to ultimately achieve a return on your web investment.

If you are serious about digital marketing and truly want to achieve success, don’t neglect your business website, it’s your most valuable online asset.

Where do I start? Contact Bolac Technologies  if you need help improving your website or if you have a new website design or development  project in mind.

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