Why Do I Need Logo For Business

A good logo should summarize all your company’s ideologies and should be recognized by your customers.

There are thousands of logos, every day we are exposed to good hundreds of logos and the successful ones are the simplest ones. A simple logo works best, as it is the one that most easily sticks in our memory.

Simple logos work well because:

  • are more easily recognized
  • Convey a clear message
  • are versatile
  • are timeless
  • are memorable


1. They are more easily recognized

With the hundreds of ads that consumers are exposed to every day, they often only catch a glimpse of your brand, especially if they are driving, you need a clear identity to grab their attention.

If, for example, a customer is on a supermarket shelf, and if the customer looks at your design, they won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your brand is trying to communicate if it’s not clear. Customers are more likely to choose a product with a simple design.

A good designer will take into account important aspects such as making sure that the text is readable, the brand name is prioritized, and that the purpose of the product or service is immediately clear.

2. Convey a clear message

If your message is confusing and cluttered, consumers are less likely to trust your brand, as it may seem like your brand isn’t what you advertise.

It is necessary to convey that your brand is professional and reliable, if you cannot do it through your logo, there will be an inconsistency between the message transmitted and the image of your brand.

3. They are versatile

A logo can be printed in several places, from contact cards, envelopes, advertisements, on cars, among others, it has to work and have the same impact, both on large and small points.

A logo must be practical, for this reason, it must be created in a vector format, to ensure that it can be enlarged without losing quality. Simple logos are more practical, work well in one color, and should work well both horizontally and vertically.

A logo is effective if:

  • Give to be printed in one color
  • Works well if printed in a small size (e.g. stamp size)
  • To be printed in a large format (eg billboard)
  • Works well on dark backgrounds

4. They are timeless

An effective logo should be timeless, meaning it should last for years. Look at your logo and ask yourself will this logo be effective for 10, 20, 40 years?

Trends come and go, whether we’re talking about a pair of pants or a pair of shoes that’s fine, but when it comes to your brand identity longevity is key, don’t follow trends.

5. Are memorable

A simple logo makes it easier to remember. Consumers are more likely to trust something they are already familiar with, it is important that your customers or potential customers can recognize your logo easily.

A logo with many elements may initially look impressive, but it will be more difficult for your customers to become familiar with it. The simplest logos are able to infiltrate our minds, just a quick glance to recognize them.

Take the example of McDonald’s “M”, we can even recognize it in our peripheral vision. Remember that although your logo represents your company or business, it doesn’t have to tell your whole story.

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